The Most Simple And Quickest Long-Term Marketing Solution That Will Keep You In Front Of Your Customers When They're Looking 

Finally A Marketing Solution That Will
  • Let you focus on your business while your visibility grows - Feel at ease with our best-in-class BPM system establishing your fully optimized profiled on the most popular and frequently visited sites
  • Provide A No Hassle, 'Get Going When You Want' design - You'll be stunned by how easy it is to get started in only a few minutes, we take care of all the heavy lifting.
  • Protecting you at every step of the way - You'll love that we build out our profiles 100% manually on only the best sites, keeping you safe from being marked as a pesky spammer.

Here's Your New Marketing Solution For Getting Highly Engaged Customers

Submit My Biz will be the foundation in building your new long-term organic marketing solution, and it all begins by using our best-in-class BPM (Business Profile Management) System. Our BPM System allows you to simply input all your businesses information, no difficult details required, it's as easy as filling out your Facebook page.

Once your information has been input, we will manually submit and build out your business profiles to ensure your pages look their best. With our optimize profile placement on high ranking pages, encourages other sites to pick up your business and make additional profiles. This is how Submit My Biz becomes a long-term organic marketing solution that grows over time with minimal investment or upkeep.

Multiply Your Video Marketing Efforts With Out Multiplying Your Marketing Budget

Watch Your Video Impressions Grow Across Multiple Platforms Allowing You To Reach New Customer Who Are Ready To Buy

The Magic Behind How Submit My Biz Drives Customers To Your Business When They're Ready To Buy

It Starts With Your Businesses NAP

The most import part of your business profile is what is referred to as your Business NAP. This stands for Name, Address, and Phone and you need to make sure you come up with the EXACT way you want it to appear everywhere online. If you have profiles that include a unit number, and other profiles that just have the street address, they are not considered the same to Google.

Think of your business as a candidate for the best business, and your NAP is the information your customers need to vote for you. If someone votes for you but incorrectly puts in your information the ballot is invalid. This is why updating your profiles if any of your business information changes is important.

Then You Need A Strong Profile

Just like when your running as a candidate, you need a strong profile to deliver your message. It's important that your voters know the key information to cast a vote, but you also have to give them more of a message then that. Give your voters a reason to listen to you.

When we construct your profiles we make sure we have your NAP nice and visible, but we're optimizing for our customers experience so they have a reason to look at the information posted on your profile. Your only wasting money if your putting your message in front of your audience but they're not interested.

Followed By Building A Platform

Now that we know what message we want to craft to our potential customers, or for this case voters. We now need to get out there and build our platform and deliver the message. This is where your time and energy get spent the most, as this is a very time consuming process. It's every candidates hope and dream to talk to every voter one on one, but its a very time and labour task. But shortcuts like phone calls are impersonal and produce poor results.

Its the same when it comes to your profiles. When you use automation tools built for search engines you have an abysmal conversion rate with your customers, not to mention your profiles will eventually get taken down. We manually build and optimize each profile we make to ensure it delivers the best message as possible, and get the best placement with the site.

Then Watch The Votes Pour In

This is the moment we've been building up to, our votes are starting to roll in and we're making progress in our candidacy for the best business. This is where we wait as see the results pour in, wait for the dust to settle, and see what the results say.

So here we are at the approval stage of your profiles. As every profile gets approved, you receive a vote from Google the next time they index your profile and see your businesses NAP. Once they see that NAP they'll associate it with the one you've posted on your website and Google My Business listing. This is the popularity contest you'll sure to want to win!

Now Grow Your Campaign And Traffic

Now that the results are in from our campaign it's time to evaluate how we've done. We know how many votes we were able to get, since we built them ourselves. However, what we don't know is how many votes the other businesses received. This is the number that Google and every other search engine has withheld from the public, so we need to analyze and adjust our next campaign to account for our new information.

​Once you've finished your campaign its time to keep an eye on how your businesses visibility has improved. This doesn't mean you need to go out and make more profiles, in fact that is the worst thing you can do because you need to allow time for your campaign to mature before you begin another one, or Google will get suspicious of your business. Just keep an eye out because with the right optimization on your new profiles, can start promoting your business in the interim and continue to boost your business.

Watch Your Customer Engage

Now that you've optimized your campaign, you have your campaign promoters that are working for you while your supporters are now talking and sharing your campaign. New votes are pouring in without you having to solicit them.

Now your profiles are finding organic sources to post themselves to, your customers have started to share your business, and your seeing positive reviews posted about your business online. This organic activity is the final boost you need to help get you business to the top of the charts and your doing it with out having to pay for it now.

See Your Sales Grow Rapidly!

Here we are on the last stage of the campaign trail. We've built a massive audience that has casted numerous votes for us, and now we have organic traffic bringing us new voters all the time. We've achieved the final push to lock our spot as a top contender.

This was the moment you've been building towards. Your sales are growing without your marketing budget following suit. You've built toward promoting to your audience and they're highly engaged, which not only means your seeing more sales, they're spending more for each sale you make! Now that's how you grow a business.

The Solution To Growing Your Business Is Just Moments Away

You've seen just how quickly Submit My Biz can build you an online presence your business can be proud of and ultimately will bring you in highly engaged and targeted customers. You know that this is accomplishable because we're putting your businesses information right in front of your customers as they are looking to find your business. Plus, once you start using Submit My Biz, the sooner you'll see additional sites starting to promote your business free of charge. So pick the package that fits the needs of your businesses marketing plan the best, and start watching your business grow!

50% of consumers visit a business within a day of completing a local search
 - Google
81% of consumers research a business online before visiting a store
 - GE Capital
55% of consumers want the ability to easily find the information or help they need
 - Oracle

A Flexible Solution To Fit Within All Needs Of Every Business

Tired of being pitch marketing products that are built exclusively for Fortune 500 companies ?
From the moment we conceived Submit My Biz, we built it to be a marketing solution that can scale along with the growth of your business. Which means if you're just starting out, or if you have been established for years. Your business can benefit from all of the following benefits Submit My Biz provides...
A Simple Dashboard Accessible On Any Device

The last thing you need is some overly complicated software that has too many features built in it to know where to begin with. Submit My Biz's robust yet minimalistic BPM System dashboard will have you running in less then five minutes. Just put in the same business information you would tell a customer over the phone, and your finished! Plus you can access Submit My Biz from any device any where in the world as long as your connected to the internet.​

Manually Constructed  Profiles = Zero Footprints

The problem you'll run in with other services that promise a large number of profiles for next to no cost, is that they are using automation to your disadvantage. By building out tons of spammy links this will look unnatural and get punished by Google. However, with Submit My Biz we're certified digital marketing experts and build natural profile campaigns that get's your business notices and rewarded by Google.

Optimized For Customers First, Then For Search Engines

The second problem most business will run into when buying other marketing solutions is the goals and focus of the campaign are backwards! They focus on search engines first and foremost and forget that search engines aren't people, they're robots. Your customers deserver and require the best experience as possible,  which means your profiles have to back up that steep challenge. Based on the information you provide us with, will optimize it for the best customer experience. Because even if you have one of the top spot, if your customers are sticking around to read, you've lost them before you even began!

Locate Phantom Profiles That Are Costing You Thousands

The problem is if you've ever attempted to build an online presence before, by yourself, or by another service. If you haven't scrubbed the old information off those sites, it could be costing you thousands in sales and future marketing efforts. With every passing day new profiles could be build reading your old out of date information, and your customers can discover it costing you with lost revenue and frustrated customers. If we discover an unclaimed or out of date profile. Will take the time to get it right back up to speed, this way your oldest and most authoritative sites are now giving you an even stronger visibility boost!

Prevent Duplicate Content Penalties

Ever herd of getting penalized by having duplicate content? Duplicate profiles on the same site are a violation of the terms and conditions, and Google isn't a huge fan of redundant information on the same sites. This is why it's critical that you locate profiles that have already been constructed to avoid submitting another business profile to the same site. Will verify each site to avoid duplicate listings so your profiles don't get taken down for violation of terms and services.

Long-Term Organic Marketing Solution

If you build your profiles right from the beginning, you'll be able to to see HUGE returns on your investment because of one sole factor. Sites are always looking for top quality content for their sites. New profile sites are launching every day and are looking for high quality optimized sites to showcase on their site. This is FREE MARKETING and visibility for your business because you built a marketing foundation right from the start.

A Marketing Solution That Scales With Your Business

Nothing sets back a local business like a huge upfront marketing expense that can't deliver the sales you need to sustain your business. Pick a campaign that works within your budget and build out your marketing efforts as your budgets grow with your increased sales!

Best-In-Class Customer Support

Not only will you have access toour powerful BPM System in your dashboard, but you'll have access to our expanding resource list to help you build better and more effective campaigns. If you have any questions regarding our campaign, our support team is well within reach. Just click on support and you'll be able to get the help you need.

Plus So Much More As Were Always Adding New Features To Our Dashboard To Give You The Tools You Need To Grow!

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